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Scotch Marine : Dryback : 200 Series
STEAM - 15 PSIG. Up to 300 PSIG.
HOT WATER - 30 PSIG. Up to 160 PSI. @ 250 F

Available in Steam or Hot Water Versions | 15 - 800 HP Pressures to 300 psig

  • Two-pass design eliminates refractory baffles between flue gas passes.
  • Minimum maintenance with rugged construction for extra-long life.

Standard Features
  • Boiler is of the two-pass, scotch type, built and stamped in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Code, and listed by the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.
  • Large combustion chamber with low heat release for complete combustion.
  • Smoke box is front-mounted with slip-on stack connector.
  • Access to fireside is accomplished with hinged and davited rear door. All sizes 40 HP & larger with split front doors. Flame observation ports are on front and rear.
  • Openings for cleanout inspection of waterside are provided with 3 x 4 hand holes, and with 12 x 16 manholes (70 HP & larger).
  • Insulated with 2 high-density mineralwool, lagged with 22 gauge grip jacketing, baked on epoxy enamel to resist chipping and fading.
  • Firetubes are rolled and beaded on power boilers, expanded and flared on low pressure boilers (2 dia. through 30 HP, 2 1/2 dia. 40 HP up).
  • Supports include lifting lugs securely welded to the top of shell; structural steel support legs on skids support the boiler so that special foundations are not required.

Standard Steam Trim Standard Water Trim
  • Operating & high limit pressure control
  • Water column with gauge glass, trycocks, combination low water cut-off and pump controller
  • Steam pressure gauge with syphon and test cock.
  • Water column drain valve
  • Safety relief valve(s) per ASME code
  • Operating & high limit temperature control
  • Probe type low water cut-off control
  • Combination pressure, temperature, altitude gauge
  • Hot water return baffle for shock resistance
  • Safety relief valve(s) per ASME code

For further information, you can visit Hurst Boiler Website

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